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  • Background Investigations

  • Medical Certification

  • Pre-employment Screening

  • Forensic Statement Analysis

  • Fraud Investigation

  • Loss Prevention Analysis

  • Insurance Advocacy

  • Mental & Physical Fitness


DutyFit identifies productive human factors. We help employers and job applicants. DutyFit effectively cultivates key relationships between employers and employees. Our top-drawer fitness-for-duty service supports a wide range of public-trust and mission-critical industries including but not limited to: aerospace, law enforcement and ministries.

Employers: Have you found that supportive employees come and go while contentious wage-earners seem to accumulate? Are you looking for stronger relationships with business allies and customers? Learn how to attract and retain prolific, dedicated people.

Employees: Are you struggling to demonstrate your fitness for duty?  Would you like to establish solid evidence that you are fit for your chosen occupation? Find out how to qualify for the best employment opportunites.


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